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Investment XV Blog - May 2017

This weekend saw the Investment team enter into their first official competition & final event of the season – the City League 10s – 10 being the number of players per side, not number of teams in the competition. As most who follow rugby will know, 10s is an unusual format of the game, 15 players per team being the norm and 7 a side being the more normal condensed (Olympic) version of the sport. Nonetheless, it was a fun tournament, full of running, barbarian style rugby as teams got to grips with the new format.
The Investment team put on a solid showing, finishing second in their pool behind an experienced team of burly fund selectors from Partners Capital. Investment’s clinical win over Sky Television, given their larger player pool was particularly notable. However, ultimately tournament glory was not to come their way after a tight semifinal defeat to Wimbledon Rugby Club.
The boys in black & blue showed real heart and determination throughout all their matches but a special mention must go to Charlie Ballie of Standard Life Investments for his relentless ball carrying & role as rigid enforcer in the pack. So to, to Cosmo Elms of Legal & General for his electric finishing as well as making the backline tick with his silky distribution.
The Investment XV would like to thank their sponsors – Aravis Partners, Edgewood L Select, Hamlin Capital Management & RMG Investment Management for making competition entry possible as well as for all their support and continuous well wishes.   


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