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Our Commitment to Investors

Our Commitment to Investors

Because we work only with only a small number of fund managers over the long term, our on-boarding process requires thorough and detailed due diligence on our prospective clients, the fund managers. This serves as both as a measure of the quality of the investment management firm and their funds and helps establish the likely interest in the fund by investors.

We like to understand our clients and learn how they work. Typically, we will take several months of due diligence and getting to know a client before we commit to working with them. We meet with the managers several times and always undertake a site visit to their offices.


We always write a Due Diligence Report to investment industry standards, and produce a Comparative Analysis for internal discussion. The Due Diligence Report then becomes the basis of the report subsequently available to potential investors. 

To help identify strategies and investment themes that will be of interest to our investors over the medium term, we have established an Advisory Board of experienced investors that meets 2 or 3 times a year.

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