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Our Strategies


US Growth


Edgewood Management

Edgewood L Select – US Select Growth fund is a Luxembourg based UCITS fund that pursues long-term capital growth through a portfolio of 22 stocks of predominantly large-sized companies that are distinguished by their financial strength, levels of profitability, strong management, and ability to deliver earnings growth.

Credit Hedge Fund

Prospect Capital

Birch Grove Capital

Birch Grove Capital is a New York-based alternative credit manager that applies an opportunistic, flexible approach to credit investing and portfolio construction across corporate capital structures and seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns in all stages of the market cycle.

US Value

Prospect Capital

Miller Value Partners

Led by Bill Miller, CFA, Miller Value Partners is a US-based investment manager centered on valuation-based, long-term investing with a behavioral finance edge.  Miller Opportunity Fund, a UCITs Fund, is a high active share, concentrated portfolio focused on long-term capital appreciation.

High Dividend Equity


Hamlin Capital Management LLC

Hamlin Capital Management LLC is an income oriented, independent 1940’s investment advisory firm catering to high net worth individuals and institutions. Their mission is to preserve and grow client wealth. Hamlin is a long term, long only fundamental investors.

Listed Infrastructure

Global Listed Infrastructure Fund


Global Listed Infrastructure Fund

The fund invests in a globally diversified portfolio of core listed infrastructure companies that own long-duration income producing assets with a stable demand profile and low volatility of inflation-linked cash flows.

China Growth

Prospect Capital



CSOP FountainCap New Dragon Dividend & Growth Fund, a Dublin UCITS IV fund. The UCITS Fund will invest in high quality companies with strong earnings that consistently pay dividends and capture sustainable growth from China's ongoing transformation.

Japan Value

Prospect Capital


Usonian Japan Value Fund

The Usonian Japan Value Strategy Fund, a Dublin UCITS fund. The UCITS Fund seeks to take advantage of of the unique inefficiencies in Japan’s equity markets by following a disciplined, bottom-up value approach. It focuses on Japanese equities that are undervalued, profitable, and conservatively capitalised.

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