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Edgewood L Select – US Select Growth fund

Edgewood L Select – US Select Growth Fund is a Luxembourg based UCITS fund that pursues long-term capital growth through a portfolio of 22 stocks of predominantly large-sized companies distinguished by their financial strength, levels of profitability, strong management, and ability to deliver earnings growth.

The Fund aims to purchase companies that trade at substantial discounts to their fair value with the belief that, over time, the stock prices of companies it deems to be high quality will rise to reflect the true value of the underlying company. Fundamental internal research, coupled with a disciplined cost of capital valuation approach, are the engines behind performance The Fund's performance is typically compared with the S&P 500 Index over a full-market cycle. The S&P 500 Index is for comparison purposes only and is not the official benchmark of the Fund.

The investment strategy of this Fund focuses on US equity markets which presents a significant degree of risk because of the volatility of these markets.  The value of the securities in the portfolio can be affected by daily stock market movement factors such as corporate events, company earnings, political events, and economic news and may impact the value of the Fund’s investments.  The Fund’s exposure to growth may result in periods of high short-term volatility.

The fund is authorised for sale in Luxembourg, Austria, France, The Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy & Spain.

The investment manager of the fund is Edgewood Management LLC, an employee-owned, New York-based investment manager  that focuses on its core strategy of investing in large capitalisation companies primarily based in the United States.

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